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Honored Country Bulgaria

BULGARIA - A discovery to share!

Philoxenia this year has the pleasure of hosting Bulgaria as an honored country, which has many "treasures" of tourist interest and special cultural characteristics.

Picturesque nature, hot spring waters, fabulous mountain cities, historical treasures, remarkable monasteries, unforgettable mountain views and varied sport activities – it is all there! In Bulgaria! 

Positioned on the crossroad between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria combines Thracian, Byzantine, Roman, Slavs and Bulgarian culture. Some of the most famous treasures in the world were discovered at the Varna necropolis, including the world’s oldest golden ornaments; There are Thracian tombs and sanctuaries in Kazanlak, Sveshtari, Starosel, Aleksandrovo, Perperikon, and Tatul. Bulgaria’s museums preserve valuable and precious artefacts.

The Danube tourism region is the largest among all nine tourist regions in Bulgaria. Its unique advantages as a tourist destination are the various tourism types of experiences offered: the cultural and river cruise tourism, adventure and eco-tourism, city, wine and culinary tourism.

The ancient Bulgarian rituals – “Mummers”, “Laduvane”, “Lazaruvane”, etc., fire dancers, the music of the Bulgarian bagpipes and their unique melody are some of the attractive experiences…

Discovering the symbol of Bulgaria!

The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena is the symbol of Bulgaria. Rose picking, one of the oldest traditional custom Bulgaria’s, has become an unforgettable tourist attraction.

Discovering the culinary magic of the country!

Bulgarian cuisine is exceptionally diverse and delicious, consisting of various salads, breadstuffs, stews, and other local dishes – traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation over the centuries. The regions all around Bulgaria proudly maintain their traditional recipes and offer typical local culinary delights.

Discovering the treasury of the hot spring waters!

Only a few countries in Europe can rival Bulgaria’s spa, balneological and wellness tourism, with its abundance and diversity of thermal mineral waters and curative mud deposits. There are more than 550 known sources with 1,600 hot springs. The hot spring with the highest temperature is Sapareva Banya (103ºС).

Bulgaria has valuable deposits of curative firth mud and curative peat. Curative mud deposits are mostly in the regions of Shabla Tuzla, Tuzlata, Varna Lake, Pomorie, Atanasovsko Lake and Mandra Dam.

Moreover, visitors feel safe and specially treated with the excellent accommodations’ services and diverse wellness treatment programs in the countries SPA resorts.

Visiting Bulgaria just once, is never enough!


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